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3 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You Fight Tension Headaches Apr15th 2021

3 Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You Fight Stress-Related Headaches

Headaches are the third most common pain complaint. We all get them from time to time because they are so extremely common and can be debilitating to the point that they impact a person’s quality of life. If you are someone who deals with headaches on a daily basis, it can be very isolating and

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Stress Related Headaches Jul5th 2020

Say Goodbye to Those Persistent Stress-Related Headaches

You know the feeling – the sudden pain that tells you a headache is coming on. It happens to all of us. Stress headaches are typically defined as a “band of pressure” that can be felt around your head, usually accompanied by tenderness of the skull and overall achiness within the head. Sometimes, the pain

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