Category: Back

Robert Carbine

Jan13th 2020

My lower back froze up on me out of nowhere. I couldn't even bend over. Dr Reano took the time to teach me the right exercises to loosen my back up and get me back to my normal daily activities.

Tyler Jensen

Jan13th 2020

Great PT! Affordable, very friendly, referral perks. I had ongoing back issues due to a recent sports injury. Taking care of it myself wasn't working so I came to see Steven Reano on a whim. He provided both hands-on treatment and at-home exercises for me to do. I was extremely happy with how quickly I saw results. He helped get my back to 100% over just a handful of sessions after months of trying to deal with it myself!

Mike Wardle

Jan13th 2020

My wife and I have both been clients of Step Up. Steven helped my wife through a fractured femur and back problems. He also helped me through back problems in lieu of back surgery. Steven is personable and really cares. We recommend him highly.